| Silhouettes is inspired by the Potrait Gallery’s current exhibition Black Out: Silhouettes Then and Now, which explore the art form and the impact on American history and culture-from its rich, early roots to its powerful contemporary presence.SilhouettesFor me, the Silhouettes represents the light and shadow of the self. In the dance, a man with suitcase is hounted by characters from his own interior landscape. The psychology of good, evil, greed, love, remorse, and finally empathy are revealed.SilhouettesA special thank you to National Potrait Gallery Director Kim Sajet, Curatorof the Black Out: Silhouettes Then and Now exhibition Asma Naem, Special Projects and Programs Manager Kaia Black.Silhouettes

1Choreography:Dana Tai Soon Burgess
2Projections Design:Kelly Colburn
3Props and Technical Design:Kelly Moss Southall and Bens Sanders
4Costums Design:Judy Hansen
5Costumier:Kelly Moss Southall


6Rehearsal Director:Anne Sidney
7Assistant Rehearsal Director:Katia Norri and Sarah Halzack
8Dance Teacher for Company Class:Sarah Halzack
9Dancers:Christin Arthur, Joan Ayap, Jaya Bond, Ryan Carlough, Ian Ceccarelli, Sidney Hampton, Felipe Oyarzun Moltedo and Kelly Moss Southall
10Music excerspts:Christ lag in Todesbanden, BWV 4, Cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach Erupting Light, Ascent, Opaque, In Grey, Into Warner Air, A Deal with Chaos, and Aether by Hilda Gudnadottir I Am Coming for My Things by Missy Mazzoli

SilhouettesDana Tai Soon Burgess

National Potrait Gallery Choreographer in Residence

About the Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company

In its 27 tnseason, the Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company (DTSDC) is Washington DC.’s premiere modern dance company. Led by Founding Artistic Director and Choregrapher Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company createsand perform original odrn dance work that illuminate  our diverse cultural landscape.SilhouettesFurther, it explores significant social ideas that are highly relevant not only to Americans, but also to citizens around the world : immigration, assimilation, belonging and identity.SilhouettesPraise and recognition for Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company hails from the Washington DC, region and beyond. The Washinton Post’s Pulitzer Prize-winning dance citic. Darah Kaufman, describes the company as not only a Washington prize, but a national dance treasure. “For more information, visit and @DTSBDC.


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